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How we started

Late in 2005, an orchestral workshop was summarily disbanded by the Adult Education Service that had originally set it up. The members, displaced and displeased, retreated to the Strawberry Garden pub in Offerton to drown their sorrows and defiantly decided to go it alone.

The most pressing problem was to find somewhere to play, somewhere large enough and equipped with chairs and a piano. After much searching they lit upon the Union Chapel in Fallowfield, and struck gold. The Chapel was fantastically helpful and welcoming (and warm!) and Manchester Music Makers was established in January 2006, with nine members, under the skilful and professional guidance of Denise Beynon.

By July, numbers had grown to a dozen or so and a playday was planned to encourage new members. This took place on a scorching Sunday afternoon and attracted over forty players. The programme included music by Purcell and Handel and Ivanov's Entrance of the Sirdar. The sweltering heat meant that the doors had to be left open but none of the neighbours complained. The afternoon was a colossal success, and playdays are now held regularly.

Manchester Music Makers has subsequently gone from strength to strength in the five years since its inception. We now have over thirty members, a robust string section and a redoubtable woodwind brigade.

We even have a euphonium and we really would appreciate a French horn or two.

We meet on Wednesday afternoons from 1pm. to 3pm at the Union Chapel, Wellington Road, Fallowfield. We are self-funding and the fees are very modest. Anyone who can toot, whistle, plunk or boom with reasonable competence will be most welcome.

For details of membership phone Denise on 0161 224 9662 or Jenny on    0161 427 5210.

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